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PAARC is a library that enables Windows Phone 7 devices to be used as remote control or input devices for any .NET desktop application. Supports raw (multi-)touch input, gestures (tap, double-tap, hold, pinch, drag, flick), sensors (accelerometer, compass, gyroscope, combined motion) and text input using the SIP. Uses TCP/UDP sockets for maximum performance and responsiveness, and has a server discovery mechanism (multicast) to auto-connect to hosts on the same network. The library comes as multiple components (class libraries) that can be integrated in your own projects both on the phone (Silverlight/XNA) and desktop (.NET), and it has a reference WP7 client you can use to start without creating a separate Windows Phone app first.

Please take a look at the Documentation to get more info.


The project will switch from Mercurial to TFS shortly. Unfortunately this means that work items and source control history will be lost (more details here). Update: the conversion has finished and the old Mercurial source has been restored into a main and dev branch. I also updated the releases as far as possible, to point to the correct new change set identifiers (and remove old invalid ones). Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.


PAARC accepted into the Marketplace

A few days ago, the Windows Phone reference client has been accepted into the Marketplace and can now be installed comfortably by everyone who owns a "Mango"-compatible device. The Marketplace link is:

More information on this milestone and what it has to offer for normal users and you as a developer can be found in my blog post here:
PAARC Milestone Reached

I've also used this opportunity to add a first release of the library to the "Downloads" page. It contains both the binaries required to build your own applications as well as the complete source code of the project, including all samples.


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