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Compile the Code

If you decide to download the source code and compile it yourself, there are only few things to consider.

Portable Class Libraries

To share code between the client (Windows Phone) and server (.NET Framework) implementation, portable class libraries are used. If you're new to the feature, you can learn more about it here. In a nutshell this allows you to target multiple platforms like Silverlight, Windows Phone and .NET with a single project and assembly. To support this, you need to install the Portable Library Tools provided by Microsoft, which is a Visual Studio add-in, and a one-time thing to install. Once installed, you are able to open and compile the portable project included in the source code without any problems.


The library, in particular the Windows Phone reference client, depends on some external libraries that are pulled into the project using NuGet packages. To keep the repository size small, these binaries are not included. Instead, they are downloaded from the NuGet gallery the first time you build the project. This is a feature of NuGet that you can learn more about here. Obviously this means that the first time you build the project, you need to have internet access so the packages can be properly downloaded.

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